Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Workers in the local mine are not tested. This is a worry to Sefikile Community

Amo Tshabalala
Sefikile village
North West province under Moses Kotane Local Municipality
31 August 2020


Since this Pandemic mine workers have been arriving from their different homes to our village. The problem that we have as a community is that our village, Sefikile is their first stop and they are not being tested so it easy for us the community members to get sick.

Some of the mine workers are from outside South Africa like Lesotho and Mozambique. Remember when they arrive they arrive to our village since it’s their first stop and we spoke to the mine and they haven’t said anything since. The mine should do something about since it’s their workers but it’s not doing anything.

Since its level 2 now, most of the mine workers comply only when they are at the mining side and when they are outside the mining side they wear off the masks so it’s easy for the community members to get the sickness and pass it to their family members. And most of those people they renting so it makes the matter worse.

We looking at ways on how to stop that from happening going forward we don’t want to be the victims of this Pandemic at this stage where it is now. Everyone is relaxed even though we know we are not supposed to be relaxed.

We need to stay alerted to this Pandemic.