Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Covid 19, has brought local services down.

Petrus Moshe


27 October 2020

In Matlosane, municipality workers are on strike because the demands covid 19 remunerations especially for all who worked during covid19, as it was promised to them. They force the municipality to reckon their demands as a usual process being champion here in the Country besides that the government can’t hear and listen. This is the culture which is inherently embedded unless if we will other government in place which will the people or community-driven.

Currently, local services are stopped, collection of sewerage, payment of electricity and other essential services have temporarily stopped until when, I can’t predict.

The said part of it, the poor communities’ members are suffering because of corruption of top guys of the A.N.C who has looted the money which was constituted for the common, for services and covid money for those in need and municipal workers for their remuneration.

I believe that their demands are legitimate, the response will be as alluded above, only when roads are filthy dirty with rubbish and barricaded, that is the way to them to start engagement. We are forced to accept that is a way of life in the Country.

It was also sad to see the police and their vehicles being deployed in great number for the legitimate strike of workers, whilst I know personally as the community try call them for serious case they don’t as do, but Rights of Workers to protest is crime against humanity, as was the case in Marikana.

This strike according to me, it is lesser evil for me, because some the workers family members dead, and maybe the second wave is waiting for them.

Phanzile  Mozabalosi Wa Sebenzi in Matlosana Phanzile. Amandla, in my capacity Justice and Peace Coordinator, not in the name of the organisation, an activist because of what I see is wrong and must stop.