Petrus Moshe



I want to share with you, what has happened recently around Matlosane Municipalities regarding gender-based during this hard time of Covid19, Level 1. The number of women abuses is growing at an alarming proposition instead of decreasing. I believe is because of low moral to both men and women to stand to denounce it.

From what I discovered from the past week here in Matlosana, the incident of human trafficking, rape, torturing of women and incident femicide have done. These are cases that are being in our local radio and local news if u is to goggle for the recent cases. Marches and Protest are being done. I started to blame myself, that something must be done. Why silent be first to report these hideous acts, and act late afterlives of our young girls and women were taken away?

I personally recommend, neighbours, communities, churches and civil Societies must start to embark upon a dialogue of gender-based violence now not later because these are the close source of information. We need to start a dialogue on children, women, elders to present their fears, and what is exactly happening in their communities and surrounding, it should be a continuous dialogue in all levels. Silent no Longer, Break the Silent in all level, Amandla!