Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Food security in mining affected communities

Velile Khoza

Mfidikoe village


29 October 2020

During the first quarter of the year, we saw the world being struck by a COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, where all the government produced a disaster management act document to restrict the movement of constituencies of their affected countries and how the industries operate.

Then it came to a point where the communities of mining started to be exposed to many maladministrations from the government institutions that were task to assist less fortunate families with grant food, but these less fortunate families have never received food parcels from the government or institutions.

And the activists in mining communities organised themselves to assist where they can with food parcels sanitary towels for young and old women and assisting those who can’t use technology to register for the R350 grant, partnering with institutes that wanted to assist where they can.

Food security problems within mining communities being protected with agricultural programs of how to produce food for yourself because our governmental departments have violated section 27 of the constitution of Mzansi