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Illegal dump inside home

2020 .10 .30
Ngwenyeni trust(Nkomazi East)
Vusi Mabaso (VEM )

Illegal dump in one of the homes on the main street at Ngwenyeni trust under Nkomazi municipality in Mpumalanga South Africa is posing danger to the neighbouring communities.
A mother who is the owner of the home Miss Fakude is mentally disturbed and is collecting rubbish to her home for storaging .
I tried speaking to the councillor Mr Mathonsi but he said there’s nothing he can do as he is afraid of getting closer to the yard owner .Neighbors also said they are afraid of the mother but don’t know what to do as the councillor is falling them too .
“The snakes are hiding inside the garbage and come to our homes when ever they are hungry to kill and eat our chickens also the rats come to our houses ” said a neighbour Mr Nkosi.
I then asked the councillor to discuss this matter with induna and waiting for outcome after two weeks.