Tunatazama - Community Monitors

New chief to bring change in our community.

Christinah Mogobye

Moses Kotane Local Municipality


28 October 2020

Finally, our community has a ruler, a Chief and a good leader. Ratseleng Thomas Sehume. Our community has been without a leader. Tribal councillors have been doing their best and building our community and making efforts that our community doesn’t loose direction but we still needed a leader because he always has a final say and authority. When he was about to be inaugurated, many people were confused and some didn’t even believe that it shall finally come to pass that he get inaugurated as some people were against it because they didn’t know what’s going happen since chief Nyalala Pilane had just been dethroned.

That did not matter because he finally got inaugurated and everyone was happy. My reason to be writing this is that as an activist we would be working with and refer outstanding community matters with him and I believe he would really help our community in all angles and bring about a change. As community activists, we need active leaders who will support us in our activism duties and help us to reach out to our community.