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Churches lose their members because of Covid 19

Mahadiyo Mohapi


01 Nov 2020

Since from lockdown started in much. Mr  Ramaphosa our president announced that churches must be closed because of this pandemic. So now most of church’s loses their members, the main thing that made the church’s to be closed is because of the adults who were attending. And most of them are Women’s even their children. And that’s why we had to be locked in our houses to save ourselves. But now most of church’s loses the members because of lockdown.

And some adults people had feared going to church because of this pandemic. They have been saying the covid19 attack the adults most and That makes them be scary when they think of coming back to their church. The second reason is that the executive loses more Because they were expecting money from church members but now since lockdown started there is no money that posters get. And I interviewed one of the Bophelo Apostolic Church. He mentioned that how can people of social grants get paid more money while they are straggling to get some.