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Covid 19 infections escalate.

Tshepo Mmusi

Area: Klerksdorp

Date: 25 November 2020

With new Covid 19 infections rapidly escalating and numbers looking scary, this caused panic to the government and business. These high numbers of infections are believed to be influenced by a number of factors which includes people not wearing their phase masks as requested by the state president, people not adhering to covid 19 regulations in public spaces and taverns. With the festive season around the corner, it is believed that the situation is going to get worse because many people will be enjoying different events and festivities. Many will be visiting family and friends with total disregard of the regulations.

It is the government fear that if the country continues the way it is going, we are going to experience a second wave of covid 19 which is going to be deadlier. It is our responsibility to observe regulations and to ensure that we do not spread the disease. While we enjoy our holidays let’s remember that there are years ahead of us to live and let us be responsible and not regret our actions later