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Covid-19 protocols no longer observed

Ole Motene


30 October 2020

March 2020, we struggled to access masks and sanitisers as they sold out fast and were bit overpriced. I recall mom and my siblings worked together to make ourselves masks so we are protected when going to shops and banks. And we did our level best to eat more vegetables to aid our wellbeing as we could not afford being ill. And this was done by most people.

Mom asked me why don’t people wear masks or was the virus declared gone and she missed the announcement? Are we wasting money with continuing to purchasing sanitizers and disinfectants she asked? My niece said no we will die if we stop, my 6-year-old niece. Funny the naughty human also has to be reminded to wear a mask lately.

Today in a taxi to Rustenburg CBD I was seated between two passengers who had no masks and when reminding them to wear them they said who am I to tell them what to do. The driver was used as an example as he did not have his on too. I then changed seats and it was the longest trip to town as I was labelled the covid-19 ambassador and full of nonsense by the 2 ladies.

I also noticed that even taxi association officials don’t wear masks. At the taxi rank an area that is always packed with people, I observed how street vendors continue to allow people to fit masks, those making and selling food continue as usual with poor hygiene habits. And these are areas that can easily spread the virus. Are we inviting the second wave with our reckless behaviour? Are we asking for level 5 which badly affected everyone especially the working class? What is your role in avoiding being infected and infecting others? And are we infringing others right to choose to wear or not a wear a mask when we remind them?