Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Living dangerously

Rapule Moiloa
Diepkloof Soweto Gauteng
Dobsonville human rights advice office

Informal settlements are the results of human settlement department badlog because many people registered in 1996 to get a house as promised by government but many of the people who registered for a Rdp house have not been allocated.

The backlog will never end for many people bought land and build homes for their families unfortunately houses where demolished without thinking about the same whose home is being demolished, between level 4 or 3 of the lockdown peoples homes were demolished without thinking twice by the same government and today the same government is speaking the language of the citizens to be given land to build homes themselves for their families and the question is people whose property’s were destroyed what will happen with them, will they be included in that list of the people who will be given land to build homes since the government says there’s no money to continue building houses