Tunatazama - Community Monitors

On the 19th of October 2020 President Ramaphosa released a combined statement.

Amo Tshabalala

Sefikile village, North West

Under Moses Kotane Local Municipality


When spoke he said Economic Reconstruction, its about time we fix South African economy. He spoke about Green economy, work creation of about 800 000 will be buried but the question is what about those people who are still home because of this PANDEMIC?

Are they also counted to those who will be hired or what? Is this some kind of speeches that has been made before or is it real? A lot of money has been spent according to President Ramaphosa, he said I quote “49 billion has been spent in S.A because of this COVID 19 that helped the unemployed people. Did COVID 19 make people see opportunities through it or what?

He also said, I quote ” to all those who lost their jobs during this COVID 19 must go back to work but there is no a proper plan on that’s how is going to work. He also spoke about renewable energy, that reminds me of Just Transition. Does that mean that all our effort are being considered? If so why can’t we do the same about COVID 19? That’s how things should be done, discussing South African problems/challenges with S.A citizens.

President Ramaphosa mentioned access to of everything and that says t me He now realises/acknowledge that we had no access of anything before. I want to see this happening that communities will participate and control public and private employment while getting paid for that.

300 000 youth jobs will be created for them like. Teaching opportunities will be created for them. I want to see the challenge that we have been fighting for, for a very long time and that is. President Ramaphosa said quote “in all of these programmes we will ensure that recruitment is fair and accessible to all, all will be transparent to everyone”. Let’s wait and see that this happens and if this is not happening it is our responsibility to make sure that we make it happen and hold him (President Ramaphosa) with his words. Remember to stay home and follow the rules and regulations of the COVID 19 and wear masks all the time.