Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Since from 2014 Kanana stadium was vandalized.

Mahadiyo Mohapi

Kanana – Klerksdorp

North West

01 November 2020

People of Kanana used to steal all material’s e.g they steal water pipes, roof’s, chairs even they took poles. Last week on 23 October we received a massage from a local government that says ” They want to rebuild stadium”. So as community we asking ourselves why the government didn’t inform us about the budget at least telling us how much was the savings. They will be using to renovate the stadium. Because according to our knowledge as Kanana task team the director of the sport told us that the is a budget is already out.

So as community of Kanana we know that mine contribute with the money, so we want to know why government take decisions to renovate, before they consulting with us. So, our fear is that 3 years back the Anglo gold were built a swimming pool in side of the stadium, so we don’t know the cost of amount as community. That’s our fear. we pleased the meeting with director of sport to come and clarify how much is the amount of budget that is going to renovate the stadium.