Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Goitsemodimo Gaborone

Motlhabe village

Moses Kotane municipality

31 October 2020

The SRD grants have been made a very great impact and help to unemployed people of South Africa because many people depend on social grant for living. It’s better now that president Ramaphosa has extended the months of social relief distress grants and also has increased the money due to this covid19 pandemic crisis so that people can not suffer.

I think it’s a very wise thing for the government to increase all the social grants hence it’s helping a lot of people who are single parents and who are the breadwinner and also helping the poor of the poorest, who live under poverty every second of the day hustling to put food on the table everyday.

When the president announced that the government will be assisting unemployed citizen of South Africa with R350 covid 19 relief of distress grant everyone was happy with the announcement because of the high rate of unemployment in South Africa.