Tunatazama - Community Monitors

To be a Tsotsi is norm

Petrus Moshe

Jouberton/ Klerksdorp


Jouberton, since the beginning of this month, has been characterised by criminal activities done by Tsotsis. The section that I am staying in is the Tsotsi crime Zone, the community has accepted these as a way of life. The Tsotsis can snatch a lady’s bag day to night, attacking innocent people and take money from them whilst community watching.  It is worse because they can’t condemn these activities.

Last week on 28/11/2020 the so-called Malaska, a group of gangsters from extension 11 and 19, barricaded streets and launching criminal activities daylight, wavering knives, blocking people demanding money forcefully from local people, if u don’t have money stab u.

I couldn’t stomach that, I had to make the decision that they can take my life,  I could bear this anymore, and remain silent, a remember a liberation,  A magwala a tshetshe Moraga, which means that those who are coward must remain behind,  I took from there, and stand up, to fight. The group attacked one of the foreign national, demanded money and took his bike.

I went to them and asked them to give back those belongings and money. The other one wanted to stab me, and raise my hand up, be ready to be stabbed, fortunately, one of them, said loudly, not to Brother Moshe, and get in between. A deadly, criminal who had criminal records rescued me, boldly said not him. You breathed, and say Thank God, a hard-hearted criminal had saved my life, if he did it, why community can’t, instead the community see it as a norm. The message of that criminal who said Jesus remember me when u come into the kingdom became realised in my life and reality.