Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Covid-19 not being taken seriously.

Christina Mogobye

Sefikile village

Moses Kotane Local Municipality

North West

30 November 2020

Despite the stats being reported everyday about Covid-19 people are still behaving recklessly and this really scares me. Some weeks when the President was sharing his speech I was hoping he would prohibit some few things like social gatherings,   50% gathering and also 50% capacity on taxis so that we stay safe. We live with old citizens and honestly when I think of going out I have this fear of getting infected. What do we do as Activists because we tried many ways but people are still irresponsible, reckless and ignorant about this deadly virus. How many people did we loose and couldn’t bury them because of Covid-19 rules? How many people must we still loose before people could listen.

The president washed his hands off this and said it’s now up to us. I called Mogwase police Station Anonymously and asked them to look into this, maybe patrol like they used to do before and they said they cannot attend to something that was reported by one person only, they claimed it might not be true and it really hurt me because even if I came in person not over the phone they could have still ignored this because their reason was that I  the only one concerned. This needs serious attention and campaigns and activities are also needed this time to bring change and change begins with us activists.