Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Damaged bridges affecting community’s lives.

Christinah Mogobye

Sefikile village

Moses Kotane

North West province

30 November 2020

I am grateful for some changes in my community, however, there are outstanding issues that are affecting the community very badly and to me many lives could be lost if this doesn’t get attended to. We have one bridge that was built a decade ago, but it doesn’t accommodate everyone. There are two note bridges that need to be rebuilt or fix before lives are lost. Last week Monday (23rd November 2020) when I was going to work the river was flooding in and because the poor children were already late for their exams they took chances and crossed over even after I pleaded with them not to cross  but they didn’t listen but fortunate enough nothing happened and it’s just by the grace of God because they were taking chances because the other bridge is far and that one was the normal one that we all use to cross over that side and sadly the school is also that side.

While I was standing still figuring out what to do, a taxi came and I asked the driver to help us cross over that side and he said he also didn’t want to take chances with his taxi and he insisted that we use the other bridge I also asked him to give those learners a lift otherwise they would take chances there and he agreed and even lifted those that were met on the road who were still going there not knowing that the river is overflowing, that was the temporary solution that only accommodated a few, as a community we need a permanent solution and this has been raised before but it took longer to be attended to. We really need to be assisted as a matter of urgency.