Kennedy P




On the 11th November 2020 Madibana Community in Thekwana, particularly land buyers were in good moods to finally meet the land case legal representatives. Meetings that were planned in 2019 for 2020 were disturbed by the introduction of the lockdown. The venue was sanitized, prepared for social distance, extra face masks and food were available. There was health practitioner doing testing on the entrance, hand sanitizers and soap were also available in and outside. Number of attendees was closely monitored not to exceed required number as stipulated on the regulations.

The legal team apologized for their unavailability and they explained the changes that happened at the Legal Resource Centre and the exodus of the legal experts. Now the best team is back and they have been backed up by other legal experts. The promised that best land case advocates are preparing for this one of a kind land case in South Africa. These cases are very important as it is a test case and the are other communities that are very interested in the developments and outcome of the case. Madibana and the Legal Resource Centre will be busy from next year preparing to present the case in court.