Goitsemodimo Gaborone

Motlhabe Village

Moses kotane Municipality

29 November 2020

Motlhabe village located in Ward six and its population is more than five thousand. This village is with the centre of the villages and is surrounded by two mines but when it comes to service delivery is very poorer. When it comes to Governance our ward councillor has no good relations with the community, no sound relations between ANC council and traditional council.

Health care centre poor service delivery that we encounter such as lack of staff, there is no resources and medication. (R.D.P)Housing 88 houses were distributed in Motlhabe village in 2018 but only Fifty houses were built with no quality and 38 houses were left unfinished. VIP toilets are not finished, they left open holes in the community yard. The contractor left without any notice.

Infrastructure: Provincial roads and local (internal roads) it’s a disaster. There is no maintenance on internal pave-roads and gravel roads. Master light has been installed but is not working to bring light to the community. The community still suffering better we are more than twenty-five in democracy.