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Silly Season

Kennedy P




We are already on the “silly season” approaching the festive season. It is a silly season because people are negligent and shows signs of holidays festive moods. Most drinks either every day or 4 to 6 day a week and you start to see accidents or bad things happening. It is now the 16th day of activism against women and children but they are being slaughtered. There is a high rise in domestic violence, rape and women and children are starved because monies are used for alcohol consumption. Alcohol abuse leads to risky sexual behaviour that spreads sexually transmitted diseases, a rise in killing and grievous bodily harm cases, the carnage that leaves physical and mental injuries worst death.

December that was all hell break lose, businesses and most of the companies will be closed for festive holidays. People will be going home to different provinces to celebrate with their families. That is when we will see Covid 19 infections rises rapidly due to alcohol indulge e in parks, gardens and other public places where people disregard the lockdown regulations. Come January 2021 there will be a full-blown second wave of Covid 19 infection. It will spread like fire when workers start to migrate back to their work in different provinces. Worstinfected provinces like Eastern Cape will spread pandemic to other less infected provinces if the government does not intervene by enforcing and monitoring the introduction of a certain level that will minimize the ignorant behaviour by the people. We will experience the high rise of Covid 19 fatalities. Unless individuals, families and communities start to change behaviours and start to celebrate in a responsible way observing the regulations and minimize alcohol consumption. They should engage in family games, food festivals and other positive acts that will encourage responsibility and stop or minimize alcohol binge