Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Addressing and teaching young boys about Covid-19.

Christinah Mogobye

Moses Kotane Local Municipality.

Sefikile village

28 January 2021

They are supposed to be safe at their homes but instead they are roaming around the streets and also playing soccer and because they are not monitored, they just do as they please because they are far away from their homes.

After reprimanding them several times I decided to address them and teach them more about the risks of getting with Covid-19.  As a survivor of Covid-19 I saw a need to address them and show them how serious this virus is because they weren’t wearing masks and were too close to one another.

After sharing my story with them they dispersed one by one because they were too shocked after learning that I was a victim. I hope this is an eye-opener to them and they have learnt a thing or two from this. It takes a village to raise a child so when we see children endangering or destroying our lives in our community we need to step in and assist.