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Bucket System during Covid19

Petrus Moshe

Matlosane/ Northwest


It is was really shocking and disappointing for the Municipality of Matlosana and its resident after, it was revealed by Star F.M media Conference that Matlosane still used the bucket system. It was on 6/01/2020. This particular media conference on really touch me, on how politicians can not be trusted. I remember vividly during the term of Thabo Mbeki served as President , he had made in his promulgation that no bucket system should be allowed and be eradicated once and for all.

Imagine, during, this pandemic area such as Mbebe Batho, in Khuma, people are living unfavourable condition for health, inhuman, unbearable conditions in which promote Corona  Virus worse.

As the local election is amongst issue that we need candidate and political party which will swipe out airborne smell which cause illness and death forever, against crocodile swimming to fetch for fish, live the river or dam empty, Amandla!