Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Community workers not adhering to Covid-19 rules.

Christinah Mogobye

Moses Kotane Local Municipality

Sefikile village – North West province

28 January 2021

It is so disappointing to see community workers roaming around the streets without masks, not maintaining social distancing. As activists, nurses, teachers, home based care givers, etc we need to show the community that we love and care about them.

Not adhering to Covid-19 rules shows how irresponsible and reckless we are as community workers. What are we teaching them? What would be their reaction when we address them? Are we really loving our jobs or duties? Is working as a community worker a calling to us or do we do it for fame, financial benefit or personal reasons? What is our agenda and mission? This kind of behaviour makes me question our duty.

I am currently working in schools. Some teachers were not wearing masks and they did this in full view of learners, what are they teaching our kids in our community? No matter how I tried to remind them about the risks there were those who ignored and those who listened and changed and those who just listened but never changed.

My heart is in the community’s best interests and putting their lives at risk shouldn’t be one of those. We promised to take care of our communities and their needs so let us do so and save more lives, change begins with us. I am hoping and trusting that all activists are adhering to Covid-19 rules for the sake of our communities.