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Corona doesn’t kill the poor, is What to Know

Petrus Moshe

Jouberton – Klerksdorp



I am perturbed, and I believe know one will , bandage my deeply wounds and replace that sadness seeded in bodily systems, headache, stomach which is heartfelt,

What I see can’t believe and yet u see in your area.

The working class, to put it simply, tax passengers are not protected in all,   but laws and regulations in terms of Covid19 is only protect, other categories in which is not applicable to others, business owners, politicians,  and high profile people.

Here, in Jouberton, Klerksdorp and surrounding, taxes are full, without out restricted number. My sadness, suggests that domestic workers, casual workers and work searching must die, without any efforts to strike the balance in control super spreader of Covid19,  no sanitazers,  no social distance, only masks wearing.

The Covid 19 is apply on other side. The people who are responsible for productions are not take care of, those who earns a little, those earns not it,  must suffer be contracted it, in which I am included,

The decision which is made for Covid is skewed, it is not balancing at all, it is real, u see,  but we are silent. This Covid 19, insurgents laws must be addressed to all,  this need to be raised, as I part of passengers, I don’t need an ambulance activity, civil societies,  activists to stand up, how should they life be safe as well.