29 JANUARY 2021

People in rural areas still do not take covid 19 seriously even though it has taken a lot of lives of loved ones. On Wednesday on my way to home from Moruleng on a taxi feeling so uncomfortable canned with 15 people on a taxi I saw a couple taking off their masks so that they can eat. It was a bit cold that day and the windows were closed. Every now and then we are being advised on TV,radios or media sites that we should always put our masks on when in public and we should open the windows when on Taxis or ” nna yaka TV enrata thata bathong”.

A week back an old lady tested positive in Motlhabe clinic and unfortunately she didn’t make it. The nurse who was helping also tested positive the next day she came to work and after two days she also died due to Covid 19. The clinic was closed for only today’s and it’s now operating again as normal.yet still the virus is not being feared or treated like a thread or a danger to ourselves and our loved ones. Let’s be safe.