Tunatazama - Community Monitors

The end is near.

Tshepo Mmusi

Klerksdorp, Jouberton Township

27 January 2021

South African economy is devastating and one can say that the Covid 19 pandemic is to blame because many people have lost their jobs since the national lockdown. The reality is that many people were unemployed before covid 19 pandemic, and the country’s economy was already in a junk status. When the country went on lockdown the president introduced a stimulus package which assisted those who are unable to provide for themselves. For many months unemployed South Africans have been receiving SRD grants which have been helpful to many families, and many could put something on the table. The SRD grant is coming to an end by the end of January 2021, and many people who have been depending on it will be devastated and living a hopeless life.

Unemployment is over 25% in the country because many workers who were retrenched are now statistics of unemployment. It will take years for the economy to can recover and employment to be created. Can the people of South Africa depend on the reconstruction plans tabled by the president in order to stimulate the economy? With the country being on level 3 of lockdown, and stiff regulations foreign investment is threatened thus resulting in more job losses. As they say that the end is near, people in the near future will be killing one another for a loaf of bread. Our livelihoods are at stake and the government needs to act fast and now because hardships are coming in the next months.