Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Goitse Gaborone

26 January 2021

Moses Kotane Area

Motlhabe village

Since the hit of second wave of covid-19 in south Africa people are now taking this pandemic seriously, they are wearing face mask, staying at home as much as they can. The are complying with the regulations of covid-19 because the numbers of covid-19 case are escalating everyday over a million confirm positive cases and over forty thousand confirm death cases due to covid-19.

It shocking and frustrating people because this pandemic is no longer controllable. During the first lockdown the WHO and covid-19 management team said the virus escalade mostly in cold temperature but now the virus has NO timing on season, it affects people very time, people are been quarantined, hospitalized, been in intensive care unit (ICU).

We lost our loved ones every second, children become orphan because of coronavirus. This covid-19 has brought misery in our lives, economically, educationally. Let’s hope the vaccine that the government talking about will help the situation.