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What is going to happened after Eviction at Jakaranda

Petrus Moshe

Jouberton/ Northwest


In Northwest, in Klerksdorp, adjacent to Alabama and en-route to Tigane, the public police order hailed from Potchefstroom and Rustenburg took control when violent was evident and a hell broke out, what a great pandemonium and stampede?  Rubber bolts and teargas were dispersed.

Apparently, the police were ordered to evict people who occupied land reserved for development and construction in that area. Those who were part of this action of handing this people to this site of development were political leaders. My main worry that frighten me and left a spine in my spine,

What going to happen? Whilst this happening this movement occurring, they were not social distance, masks were out of month face, indeed, people were running after another like chain. It occurred to me that  pandemics is not exist or forgotten. Isn’t this movement going to contribute to this pandemic.

I am disappointed by leadership, politicians who have low morale understanding and Police who served in high echelon leadership who are not sensitive about this pandemic, I am disappointed,