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Is Corona Virus Real?

Petrus Moshe

Jouberton/ Northwest


The second wave covid 19 has come strongly than before. Klerksdorp, couples of shops are being closed due to Covid19 effecting, Shoprite in Jouberton twice in week because some clients and workers were quarantined whilst others dead as dead. The worse three known business people dead as well due to this pandemic as well-known funeral Covid19, is not conducted as others, for argument sake. In addition, one of my close quarantined as well?

Is this Covid19 really real?  Why shops are so crowded and why people are attending funeral with so many numbers? I believe that people are bought into false theories about the myths of Covid 19 rather than experts, doctors listen those so called experts who are circulating that false information hence majority people are caught up, and believing it, if not they will abide to Covid19 precautionary measures.

It appears that the police are also tired for running after people who don’t want wear mask, who want to be crowded, amongst all recommendations are not adhere to. Covid19, is real here in Klerksdorp, people are being quarantined and others have lost their lives ones and families. We need to be cautious about it and teach people to adhere to all precautionary measures out line. It is time to wait for Vaccine, and also those who already discouraging people about Vaccine which not being rolled out yet.