Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Damage caused by the heavy rain

2021 .02 .25
Steenbock Trust
Vusi Mabaso (VEM )

Steenbock Trust is situated next to the fence line and Lebombo mountain that drvide South Africa and Movambique in Nkomazi .

The heavy rain that rained unstoppable caused a damage to the community households that some of them lost their lives meanwhile some belongings were non repairable .
The Nko.azi Municipality with the help of the community members and the ward councillor took an initiation of removing the affected families to the safe place as the homes were surrounded by water meanwhile some were filled with water .
I went to the affected homes after a week and found that the homes are still in water. Trying to speak to the ward councillor he said he never seen something like this before as those are ver old stands and the affected families are not agreeing to relocate permanent .