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Resident suffer because of a faction of Taxi Association in fights

Petrus Moshe


Klerksdorp – Jouberton


The streets are barricated by big Stones en route to town to Klerksdorp Some roads are identified by burnt tyres . These infighting are happening here in Jouberton, Northwest. The reason this bloody infight occured was strike over roads traveling to town. The rivalries is between Sun City and Phelenda association.

Apparently, shootings happened almost the whole night, some are being hospitalized, and injuries. The sad stories, people who have injured our Taxis drivers, not Taxi owners, Some of them are from Lesotho and Transkei. The worse part of it, they are not even registered. This infighting also affected innocent residents who were going to work, as result of this, they had to go back home, in the event of  refusing, needless to mention will be victims of injuries

This infights of Taxi drivers are all the country, I don’t who benefit from this, please, the department of transport need to act swiftly and peaceful to cease this violence caused by them