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“Unemployment vs Gambling during Covid-19”

Kgothatso Huma

Thekwana, Rustenburg

Bojanala District

03 February 2021

As we know that unemployment is a worldwide crisis, and again due to the introduction of 4IR (Forth Industrial Revolution), some industries have cut jobs in order for the economy to remain “running” or “operational”.

More and more jobs will be lost as we enter into the 5th Generation Era. Our government should come with an alternative plan, some people have started to use Gambling Apps to earn an income. Apps like Bet-Way, Hollywood-Bet…etc have gained more clientele in that regards, even the Crypto Currency is also taking over.

The post offices also offer National Lottery services which have seen a growth. The best way is to see people not worrying about being unemployed and start coming up with plans. Now the sad part about gambling, its either you win or you loose… Its a tricky world. We supposed to have fun and enjoy life, yet the challenges keeps showing up and viruses such as Covid-19 comes out from nowhere.

We live in a world were “Money” is everything, and that’s wrong.