Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Covid-19 does not exist to people who host gatherings.

Christinah Mogobye

Sefikile village

Moses Kotane Local Municipality

24- March-2021

As a community worker I would like to support other families and give a helping hand or pay my last respect, depending on the nature of the gathering. I am not doing that because the last time I did it, proper precautions were not considered and that is the problem because I even reminded that family about Covid-19 regulations but it didn’t go well. I won’t give up on my Activism duties but it affected me personally because that’s how I also got infected early this year and I had to decide and save my life as well as that of other communities but people are just ignorant no matter how we reprimand them.

 It got me worried because my job is to consider the needs, safety and health of the community but they also make it difficult for me to do my job. As Activists what more can we do? The message is spread in so many ways but people still don’t get it. Let us keep on reminding our communities and come up with an action plan to deal with this.