Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Goitse Gaborone

28 February 2021

Motlhabe village Moses Kotane Area

Motlhabe village is located at Moses Kotane Municipality under Bakgatla Ba Kgafela tribal authority. Motlhabe village is a fast-growing village where it has plus minus five hundred new houses that now need electricity yard connection and it is there democratic right to access the electricity but due corruption that is happening in our village these houses has more than five years with no electricity.

The community has a councillor that has been elected on 2016 hoping to bring service delivery but their hope is shuttered because that councillor is implicated on that corruption. The community has been reported this matter to the relevant department and municipality but no action has been taken because there are other municipality officials that are implicated on doing that corruption with Motlhabe ward councillor and other leaders of Motlhabe community working together with Eskom employees under Matoster electricity substation next to Ledig

They are selling electricity to the community with three thousand rands and above for illegal yard connection to the household that has no electricity and also, they are increasing theft in our community because there are some people who stealing electricity meter box so that they can sell to corrupt Eskom employees to continue to do their corruption of doing illegal yard connection. Now the community are suffering from getting service delivery because of corruption that is happening in Motlhabe by corrupt people.