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Grandchildren who should inherit land is questionable?

Petrus Moshe

Northwest/ Klerksdorp


I am deeply sorry and perturbed that land issue is still in question today. Farm dwellers whom their grandfather was   relocated to other area nearby that area within the same area of the farmer in the name of Pietria Oosthuizen in Klerksdorp District.

The relocation of them was to please and to make a profit for mining of sand in the company known as Steen Kamp. This was done in 1980 whilst there were still babies. This was the company to benefit and the owner.

Today, these grandchildren want Justice and Peace to assist with an alternative settlement. The worrying factor is that the land act of 1913 has not to be dealt with effectively and yet meetings, white paper or public debate from local, provincial and national, and nothing is bearing the fruits of that debate today. Perhaps, meetings of this nature us give catering, transport money for the cannibals to be pocketed

These Grandchildren who suppose to be compensated are worrying, we should go, and with their children, more so they own children and grandchildren because they were not born in heaven but on the same land in which their own parents were born, nothing yet to address this vacuum of land distribution.

Where is the freedom charter? We shall govern, Land for all. These were rhetorical statement by a politician in the government in power. The rhetoric statements are inherently built upon the ideology of capitalism which breeds selfishness, unequal distribution at the expense of the farm dwellers and farmworkers. As we go to human rights day on 21/03/2021,  the J and P need to come with an advocacy plan to address this and stop this as our office was consulted.