Mahadio Mohapi


28 February 2021

The community are getting confused, and some of them are not happy with the vaccine that is to be in contact with the covid19. The community feel like the vaccine has the medicine inside that makes them sick; they say that the vaccine will kill their immune system so that covid to easily infect them.

Some of the community say they are not going to inject the Vaccine because they no longer trust, so, they have put their trust in our African herbs that is said to be called Lengana. The community believe that if they continue using African herbs and boiling water they won’t be affected by covid 19

I interviewed one of the community members named by Pogisho 25 years and he said that they don’t trust the Vaccine anymore because last time it was said that the vaccine is not good for people because it killing the immune system of a person. So, a person would be easily infected after being vaccinated it is not 100% safe