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Killings of women and children is high in Kanana Orkney

Mahadio Mohapi

Klersdorp – Kanana

28 February 2021

On the 05 February 2021 a shepherd found the body of gal next to the river outside the location in Kanana, she was raped and killed. We asking our self that we safe or we protected because this this of killing the women in Kanana is like a habit, each and every week women and gals are beaten and killed.

Women of Kanana are leaving in fear because we don’t not maybe we there’s is a serial killer for women in Kanana or not. We don’t no who’s doing this thing of killing the women in Kanana we asking our self a lot of questions every time who is next, are we safe in the house or not. We are waiting for president to announce level 1 so that we can organise a prayer and the protest to police station and court.