Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Goitse Gaborone

Motlhabe village

 Moses Kotane Area

17 February 2021

The second wave has raise a huge concern in our communities since a lot of people have died due to covid-19 related death. Now the schools are opened the parents and the whole community are very concern because this second wave pandemic has been found that can enter children age fifteen and above and it dangerous because children can passes to the family not knowing it or children not even get sick by being covid-19 positive.

In Motlhabe village around January this year,we had cases were by three different whole family were tested positive including children from age ten younger then fifteen and were one family lost the mother and the young boy was very sick.Now the parents around our village are very scared by the whole situation as last year many teachers died from the first wave of covid-19,now that we are at the second wave of this pandemic parents are very worried about the safety of their children and how department will deal with this situation since the schools are opened.