Tunatazama - Community Monitors

The Gangster has power over

Petrus Moshe

Northwest/ Klerksdorp


A group of youngsters has taken power all over, here in Klerksdorp. This is getting worse since the beginning of this year. Each every week something is being cropped up due to this group known as Maboko Haram, they infiltrate all government institutions and demand tenders by force. This tendency of demanding tenders has really caused havoc here in Jouberton, whatever tender here in the Matlosane must be given to them without any tender procurements process. The Matlosane Councillors has given this power to these gangers as they use to protect them during public meetings, hence power was given to them, as a result, this can’t be controlled easily.

This power is now directed to the local business, the big Wholesale supplier was closed because they demanded money from the owners. This is happening because councillors use to give them money and awarded them tenders such as house construction and roads construction.

The offering of this for free giving, without, the procurement process is in the systems. The Power now has gone a little bit down, smaller contributions from foreigners Nationals on Monthly rental each of them to pay R500,  in the name of protecting them against other local gangster groups. Then, you ask yourself, where is law enforcement in this case? This has evidently proven that this group has power and power is with them.

Whilst this power gang, barricade streets and looting the get the graces from the police, police only pass by and observe without anything happen to this or the arrest. This is true, that groups have infiltrated and controlled all system. However, I believe, that the community now, must take this power from the governments’ officials within the municipality, and the authority who are being subjected to them, and demand it back, Amandla!