Tunatazama - Community Monitors

The gangsters are tempering municipal administration and social delivery

Petrus Moshe

Northwest/ Klerksdorp


The A.N.C is leadership is collapsed in Northwest, there is undue interference in welfare of day administration now. It is no longer political infights but now seeks to go deeper and temper administration. The administrators in the office are being disturbed to perform their daily performance, streets are filthy and dirty, libraries are closed and other municipalities buildings. This is indeed ridiculous, has really stop services, municipality services are at a halt by gangsters. They get into the municipality at any time, as a result, everything must come to standstill.

Where is our constitutional right? The gang violence has penetrated all this, from political leadership, administration and to the ordinary workers from the municipality. The worse part that ordinary residents suffer the consequences of these actions

It is a time to reflect, and look for future leaders who will not be greedy and look at all credentials in which I believe, the civil society must stand up for electorate appointment and represented the community as this is at heart, and be removed by the community rather than those who are blinded by political allegiance whose interest is not for serving for all now is the time.