Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Lentswe Buda

Motlhabe village

Moses Kotane

30 March 2021

In just the past 4 months our local electricity power supply transformers have bombed over five times. It’s hard for everyone as people have to wake up in the morning to bathe with cold water when they go to work. And worse heart touching to see our little siblings and kids having to bathe with cold water. It’s not everyone who can afford a generator, solar or has a gas stove.

 And coming to the unemployed who remains home and has to make a plan that there is food on the table for everyone coming from work or school. One would have to go look for wood or buy from those selling woods with donkey carts costing R600.00 also not everyone can afford that.

Load shedding is better because you will be notified when the will power cut is and what time will it return. That way we get a chance to prepare ourselves for the worse, we get the chance to turn off all sensitive items that use electricity that might be affected when the power is cut, such as TV and fridges. Eskom should provide us with bigger transformers that can afford the community of Motlhabe to avoid the every now and then bombing of transformers.