Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Cracked houses in our village affected many lives.

Christinah Mogobye

Sefikile Village

28 April 2021
Moses Kotane Local Municipality

It hurts so bad to see houses being cracked by blasting from the mines and community members suffering from that while mines make millions and billions everyday. There are close to 300 dilapidated houses that houses in our village and some of them were caused by blasting from the mines. We had an old lady who pleaded with us to help her as a matter of urgency and now she left because she did not feel safe anymore and now that house has turned into criminals’ home. She was fearing for the worst and decided to leave and I feel bad that I have failed her because she was not getting any assistance except all the updates I gave her but she decided to give up for the sake of her own safety. We are loosing community members that we lived with for so many years and it really affected me emotionally. Criminals are stealing at night and keep their stolen items in these abandoned and dilapidated houses and the community is counting on us Activists.
These pictures were taken from a house belonging to that old lady who moved out.