Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Mahadio Mohapi
30 April 2021

On the 13 April 2021 attending the community meeting at Springbokpan village near Mafikeng North West
The person who called us was the MMC for Led and the current ward councillor of Springbokpan village.
The purpose of the meeting was to support the community of Springbokpan and also they seeking help since the are mines that are currently sabotaging the lives of communities workers. The goal was to teach them about their right within mining communities and help them find a solution on how to fight their right. Women from the community were mostly present
Some of their needs were lack of CONSULTATION, not being decision-making process as community members, No jobs for youth even people who qualify for a certain position. they have blocked the entrance from the graveyard are no longer allowed to go and talk to their ancestors about performing their rituals because the mine took over the land .and also the community had to build a clinic and the others. We discussed how can we find a solution to all of these problems and we also ended up choosing the acting structure from those who were part of the meeting