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Royal Bafokeng vs The Setuke Family during Covid-19

Kgothatso Huma

Bojanala Platinum District


In the beginning of March, the Setuke Family went on the Social media about inaugurating their King on the 12, 13 & 14 March 2021 as Bashiga Ba Raphafana, Kgosi Elias Lekgotla Setuke. Later on, Royal Bafokeng released a statement on their Social Media page stating that Kgosana Elias Bontsho Setuke is the Kgosana by law at Lefarahatlha representing Kgotla ya Raphafana under the Kingdom of Bafokeng and that, they are using the Constitution. They further elaborated that Royalty is born and that Mr. Lekgotla Elias Setuke can only be a Royal Chair after Kgosana Elias Bontsho Setuke, elders (brothers) and their sons.

These prove that there’s a problem in the Royal Bafokeng Nation and that other Families and Communities are fighting for their Land and Dignity.