Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Goitse Gaborone

Motlhabe village Moses Kotane Area

31 March 2021

At Ward six, under Moses Kotane municipality which consists of nine villages. Tenders allocation has been awarded to people under corruption. Motlhabe is a village where corruption plan and happening. In Ward six there are more than three projects that are in the process that were awarded to people because their families have the power.

The tenders are given to the people through nepotism and favours because someone knows someone in power at traditional authority or official in the municipality. Motlhabe village and Kameelboom village has RDP houses that are in progress and the subcontracts have awarded the people who their family working at the tribal council.

And another tender for cleaning provincial road was awarded to the son of MEC working at Rustenburg but leaving at Matlhabe village. Tenders are denied people with proper documents and the ability and experience to do this tender but given to inexperienced people because of nepotism.