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The unequal payment for Municipal Services

Petrus Moshe

Matlosana comprises of several townships, which are Klerksdorp, Orkney, Stilffontein, Harbeesfontein and Vaal Reefs. All these falls within the local Municipality administration, the same Mayor and Municipal Manager.
Surprising, payment of services are not equal paid.
All other towns could buy electricity everywhere in township which is not applicable to towns near Klerksdorp. This has happened before and still going, the past years Justice and Peace, Sanco and local residents demonstrated concern and by displaying messages of non violence approach. To this end, nothing was done to correct or ratify this.
Ishmael Mahloane who is not working in Phelendaba Street in Jouberton, worried about the amount which deducted from him especially people in Jouberton which is not done in other areas in Matlosana. He describes this as a corruption stealing amount of electricity kW to save money other criminal activity happening in Matlosana, and vowed not to vote for the fourth coming election this year as the president is still to announce. He vehemently stated by not going and his family will contribute immensely to down fall of beloved political party.

It is not really fair, it us unjust and need to be corrected to hear people who have lost hope, I will also recommend that this is an affordable opportunity, any rightful time. That people must start to stand up by identifying authentic leadership whose heart is for caring, going out from himself to save humanity. This will be done only this time when politicians about to canvass, to still with this long unsolved problem in Matlosana, if is not address by ruling Part your conscience will guide and directed towards your choice.