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Unemployment hits hard on the youth

Tshepo Mmusi


21 APRIL 2021

Unemployment has always been one of the major challenges facing South Africa, even before covid 19 pandemic. With many companies closed due to bankruptcy, many people find themselves vulnerable to poverty and other factors such as substance abuse, and crime as a result of unemployment. The population segment that is mostly affected by unemployment is youth meaning people from the ages of 18 to 35 years, and this segment is supposed to be economically active but it’s a total opposite.

Today the ward councillor of ward 11 Cllr Matome Mangesi in Jouberton convened a community meeting at Matlosana Stadium whereby he briefed members of the community about a street paving project which is to be implemented in the coming weeks. The councillor also wanted to hear the community grivances regarding service delivery because it’s been a while since members of the community had the opportunity to voice out their frustrations because public gatherings have been prohibited by covid 19 regulations.

The stadium grand stand was dominated by youth who were hoping to be employed at the street paving project. Over 200 young women and men were eagerly listening to the councillor when he presented the project. In his presentation he mentioned that the project is estimated to be implemented for a period of four months and about thirty people will be employed in the project. Four local companies have been sub contracted to implement as 30% of local beneficiation from the main contractor. This statement left many youth dismayed and disappointed because they were hoping to benefit from the project.

The councilor motivated and encouraged youth to start their own community initiatives so that they can sustain their livelihoods, and he also continued to say that the main contractor is prepared to support corporate social investment programmes within the ward and that young people can also group themselves so that they assist in community development.
With the SRD grant coming to an end many young people have nothing to fall back on, many feared that they will resort to crime as a way of sustaining their livelihoods. Many need immediate intervention to can survive and put something on the table and also in a long term.