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Violence has being normalize and become habit

Petrus Moshe

I don’t on how must write about a new violence here at extension ,19, we really live in the society whereby morale fabric of the society has gone down faster, perhaps is copying from the adults. We have two groups from extension 10 and Extension 19, fighting each other, knives are sparingly, running after other in attempt of stabbing each and stoning. What next, I can’t predict, maybe is an awakening call to stand as parents to denounce this as charity begins at home. I had witnessed this right in place. Let stand and say no this.
Violence is normal culture is inherently from systems and being created here in Matlosana because of low morale of concertizing. We need root it out and condemn it, by engaging, dialogue and creating favorable conditions for the youngsters. We owe this to them than promoting the throwing culture of youth.