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A year of wearing masks and more still need Covid19 education

27/03/2021/ Mmabore Mogashoa/Limpopo/Sekhukhune/Ga-Mogashoa

26 March 2020 national lockdown started in South Africa. We have been wearing masks and it is a year now, but it is worrying to see how people wear masks. People keep touching/moving their masks up and down because they are either loose or unable to cover the mouth and nose. A mask should cover the nose and mouth so that when people talk, sneeze or cough the mask blocks saliva or mucus. A mask must never be too tight that someone will struggle to breathe. When watching TV, at malls, schools, workplace,  gatherings and

in the streets we see people not wearing masks the right way. Some masks designs are too small or not tight enough or too tight to cover nose and mouth. To be safe make sure that your mask is clean and cover mouth and nose. Wearing a mask only on your mouth is dangerous because the virus can still enter through your nose. Our hands touch almost everything and it is good to keep them away from the face. Before buying or wearing the mask make sure that is the right size. Some shops gives free masks that are one ply. Are we safe?