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Burning of sugar cane

2021 .05 .24
Nkomazi (Mpumalanga)
Vusi Mabaso (VEM)

In Mpumalanga Mzinti ,Tonga and the surrounding areas of Nkomazi are on the fence line of the sugar cane farms of which the farming areas for the cattles has been turned into sugar cane farms as a result of big factory plant producing Selati Sugar to supply South Africa as a whole.
When the sugar cane is ready for harvesting they burn it sothat it could be easy to cut it for transportation to the NKomati and Malelane Mill factory plants.
The problem is that they burn it as they wish ,regardless of the fact that when burnt the smoke blew to residential areas and leaves ashes became black and flew and pollute homes, clothes on the washing lines, the yard have black blanket of ashes and even get inside the houses.The smell of the sugar cane is so bad, inhaling it cause damage to our bodies due to air pollution of the dark smoke emitted from the burning of sugar cane farms.