Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Community members meeting

24/02/2021/ Margret Molomo/Limpopo/Mokopane, Masodi

Today again we met with community members from Ga Kgubudi village ,Tshamahanzi mosesane villege1,Mosesane villege2 and Mosesane village  3.

Community members from this villages are complaining about traditional leaders who signed deals with the mine. Traditional council of this 4 villages has sold community member’s ploughing field in Tshamahanzi to the mine.for the mine to construct a servitude pipe that passes through their ploughing field LAND.

They also complain about Jaison  Lorenzon a lawyer from Richard spoor who helped the three traditional leaders of

Tshamahanzi. The mine has paid an amount of R360 000 to the traditional council of Tshamahanzi  to have access to the community member’sploughing field.

Other members of the community  complain about the damage that the mine has caused when they drill in their farming areas. They left sam drilling holes in their yard too.one of our granny complain that she found 6 new big dams has been build in his ploughing field LAND. When she go to the traditional council,her complain was rejected.

Other members of the community complain about the dissatisfaction of relocation of graves unlawful. Also relocation of unknown graves. Community members want to know who signed for the  relocation. Sam community members has lost their graves from the box where the mine is operating.

Others complained about  their  house cracks caused by the Ivanplats mine when blusting. They complain about the mine blusting at arround 3:am in the morning  without notifying them. Parents are complaining about the trawmer and the impacts that affects the children. Children are taken to the doctors quite often due to eye problems,respiratory and signas. In all of this  problems the mine agencies says they took their problems to Canada since 2018 up to naw they are still waiting.

The community need justice from all this personal problems we are here to help them as activists as we are engaging with the mine.